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Online Personal Training

My Online Personal Training service is created for you on an individual basis, suiting any needs you may have. You will receive expert advice and motivational guidance on a daily basis (through email) so you can reach your specific goals in the most effective way possible. You will receive a monthly workout plan. If one of your goals is to lose body fat, or increase muscle mass or both, a nutritional plan can be added to your exercise plan. You can be anywhere in the world, as all contact will be over the internet. You need to be able to have motivation and access to the internet and have an email account for this to work.

The Online Personal package includes the following;

– an initial consultation over email, where we will discuss your goals in detail, training history, factors you think may hinder you achieving your goals and anything else you may want to discuss with me.

– monthly workout plans designed for you to reach your goals in the most effective way

– food diary analysis

– daily email contact (Monday – Saturday)